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Products for cattery and multi-cat owners

The following books are essential reading for cattery owners and multi-cat awners. and are broken down into specific areas of interest, such as pet cats, boarding cattery, rescue cattery, feral cats etc.

The only book on improving and constructing cat accommodation
Recommended for all who wants to create cat accommodation. Explains how to create a successful layout for cat welfare and to reduce stress, as well as practicality.

Cattery Design

The Essential Guide to Creating Your Perfect Cattery
by David Key

This essential guide is an easy-to-read, encouraging, inspirational overview of cattery systems, equipment & materials.
Cattery Design

Step-by-step guidance for creating your perfect cattery design at your fingertips, and real life case studies, this book will help you understand how catteries can be improved with cat welfare knowledge.
400+ colour photos inspiration & ideas

FOR Multi-Cat Owners & Professional Cat Carers

These books are essential reading

Cat Confidential:
the book your cat would want you to read

by Vicky Halls

Cat Detective:
solving the mystery of your cat's behaviour

by Vicky Halls

For Professional cat carers

Recommended for those requiring an indepth understanding of cat behaviour & how to read it.

Understanding Cat Behaviour

by Roger Tabor
(easy-to-read & thoroughly enjoyable) suitable for cat owners and cat professionals.

What is my cat thinking?

by Gwen Bailey
(easy-to-read & understand) recommended for identifying cat behaviour signals visually

For Professional cat carers - ADVANCED

Recommended for those requiring an more indepth or scientific understanding of cat behaviour and welfare.

The Domestic Cat: The Biology of Its Behaviour

by Dennis C Turner & Patrick Bateson

The Welfare of Cats

by Irene Rochlitz
Major issues directly affecting the welfare of domestic cats.

For Boarding Cattery Owners

Recommended for existing and potential cattery owners once you have made the decision to go ahead with a boarding cattery.

Model Licence Conditions & Guidance for Cat Boarding Establishments UK

boarding cattery manual:

by FAB, Feline Advisory Bureau

For Rescue Cats & Feral Cats Carers

Recommended for those involved with rescue or feral cats

Cat Rescue Manual:

by Anne Haughie, FAB Feline Advisory Bureau

Feral cat manual

by FAB,
Feline Advisory Bureau