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More technical/ scientific manual for those interested in feline welfare

  • Cat behaviour: social, organisation, communication & development
  • The assessment of welfare
  • Human-cat relationship
  • Behaviour problems and welfare
  • Cat overpopulation in the USA
  • Welfare of feral cats
  • Housing and welfare
  • Disease and welfare
  • Nutrition and welfare
  • Breeding and welfare

The Welfare of Cats

Edited by Irene Rochlitz

282 pages, hardback

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The last decade has seen the publication of several book son animal welfare, companion animal behaviour and behaviour therapy, as well as the relationship between domestic animals and humans.

The distinguishing characteristic of this work is that it focuses on the major issues directly affecting the welfare of domestic cats.

This book will help researchers, animal welfare organisations, cat owners and all those conerned with feline welfare to develop a better understanding of these issues, and provide some guidance as to the ways in which they can be addressed.


This book - the third in a series on Animal Welfare - covers the major issues affecting the welfare of domestic cats.

In western countries, the cat has become one of the most popular pets, with its traditional role of rodent catcher being replaced by that of companion animal. Nevertheless, many situations remain where the welfare of cats raises concerns.

Written by experts from the United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland, presents up-to-date information on a broad array of topics.

It covers recent developments in our understanding of cat behaviour, considers the ways in which cat welfare is assessed, and addresses the successes and failures of the relationship between cats and humans, including feline behavior disorders.

It also deals with the ever-increasing problem of strays and unwanted cats in shelters, the feral cat population, and the effects of housing, disease, nutrition, and breeding on cat welfare.

Although the focus is largely on cats in developed countries, this book should also be of relevance in developing countries, where issues affecting the welfare of domestic animals - not only of livestock but also of companion animals - are beginning to be identified and addressed.

This volume will be of interest to all those concerned with the welfare of cats, including veterinarians, animal behaviorists, animal welfare organizations and cat owners.

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