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Easy to understand reference full of colour photos

  • This book is packed with pictures showing the different body language and signals cats provide us with - many of which are very subtle and usually go unnoticed by owners
  • Full of colour photos
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Quick reference guide

What is my cat thinking?

Gwen Bailey

96 pages, hardback

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What Is My Cat Thinking? is essential for learning to respond to your cat's changing needs.

This book is most useful to cattery owners because of the colour photos depicting different body language that cats use to show you how they are feeling. It's a really quick and easy reference book that keeps things simple and straightforward - essential when you need an answer quickly!

This book lifts the lid on cat behaviour and helps you communicate more effectively with your cats.

Includes questions and answer sections and specially commissioned photography.


Price: £9.99
(approx USA $19 | CA $22 | Eur €14 | AU $24 | NZ $27)

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