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UK standards

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  • Minimum requirements
  • Construction
  • Number of animals
  • Management
  • Relevant legislation

Model License Conditions & Guidance for Cat Boarding Establishments

by CIEH Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

19 pages, paperback (text only)

United Kingdom Guidelines:
Although these are intended for the UK to conform to the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963, they may be equally useful to countries where no such guidelines exist.

Animal boarding establishments fulfil a public need. The public have a right to expect that all premises satisfy basic standards relating to the health, welfare and safety of the animals boarded.

Establishment owners should know the MINIMUM standards they must attain. The licensing authority should apply the standards sensibly and appropriately.

The continuing task for local authorities, veterinary professionals and the trade is to raise standards of health, safety and animal welfare in such establishments.

The conditions contained in this booklet have been agreed by relevant bodies involved in the provision and control of such establishments. The contents represent the MINIMUM standards to be applied in order to achieve that goal.

Price: £7
(approx USA $33 | CA $38 | Eur €27 | AU $46 | NZ $53)

Available from your local authority (licensing officer) or online from CIEH Bookshop