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An 'must have' for the cat owner and professional cattery owner

  • Easy to read
  • Lots of colour photos depicting behaviour
  • The bigger picture on what makes a cat a cat
  • Habitat preferences, understanding territory
  • Breed behaviour and 'moggies' v breeds
  • Scent messages and why it is so important
  • Cat Sounds and communication

Understanding cat behaviour
the complete feline problem solver

by Roger Tabor

143 pages, paperback

Cats enigmatic behaviour has fascinated us for thousands of generations. Yet just what is it that forms the attraction between us and them, and why do our cats behave the way that they do?

World renowned cat authority Roger Tabor addresses this question in detail in this close look at the current state of understanding cat behaviour.

Feline behaviour is quite distinctive, and there is such closeness that our tabbies really are small tigers.

Despite most changes brought about by modern breeding, a cat is still a cat, and the author shows how this is revealed through all kinds of behavioural features, from hunting and mating, to play and learning.

He also looks at behavioural problems, which will help cat owners to come to terms with and hopefully cure their cats' unsociable tendencies.


This is a real insight into what makes a cat 'tick'; every owner will benefit from the consequent closer relationship with their feline companion.

Price: £12.99
(approx USA $24 | CA $27 | Eur €19 | AU $32 | NZ $38)

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