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Cattery Design book review from Amazon reader

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5 stars Amazon reader rating

I'd have kicked myself if I had found this book AFTER building my cattery!
5 July 2007

By Ms. B. Dugen Cheshire, England) (REAL NAME)
I finally decided to stop dreaming about owning a cattery when I retire (31 year to go until then!) and take action by setting a 5 year target to be running my own cattery by the age of 34. I have scoured the internet to find as many resources as possible and to complete my initial goal of 1 years research.... but there is not a great deal out there!

I bought this book from amazon, so I was almost buying the book blind, with limited knowledge of the quality of the information it contained. £40 for a book I was not sure about.....

[NB: you can now 'search inside' the book on Amazon!]

The book arrived, and three days later I have not put it down!

It does not prescribe exactly what you should do, its not just a book of cattery blue prints (as I had imagined), it is a book that inspires you, makes to want to be a pioneer in the cat world, fills you to the brim with new ideas, makes you think laterally and creatively.

In my case it has confirmed that my initial 'big ideas' are right, I do have what it takes, and before i even picked up the book I was a pioneering cattery owner without even knowing it!

But the book has opened up avenues that I had never even thought about, and has steered me to see the bigger picture.

In a nut shell, if this book was on sale for £500, I would still buy it!

(p.s. I also signed up to their online web resource for a year [Starting a Cattery Kit] and this also was money well spent, if I could grade the website, I would also give it a 5* rating)


Cats Protection supports‘one of a kind’ book:
Helen Ralston, Chief Executive of Cats Protection with author David Key and rescue cat Sam

Cats Protection, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, is proud to lend its support to a new book that will be a vital resource for anyone interested in cattery design and cat welfare.

“As the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection is very pleased to be involved with a book that emphasises the importance of providing the best possible environment for cats,” explained Helen Ralston, Chief Executive of Cats Protection. Read more...

“The book promotes excellent cat care standards and will be a must-have guide for anyone wishing to set up and run a good quality cattery.” Read more...

Well, I have just bought my copy of the Cattery Design book, and WOW what a book!!
When I saw it going in the bag at the bookshop I thought 'blimey, that's big'!!! But when I got it home and began looking through it, I thought 'what a masterpiece'. The pictures brought tears to my eyes, they are stunning.

Congratulations, I know I'm not going to be able to put it down. I'm going on holiday tomorrow, so the summer read has gone out the window! and I'm reading
the Cattery Design book instead (far more interesting).
I am now going to drool over your wonderful book for many days to come. Everything I wanted to know about is in there, fabulous!

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When I heard that Our Cats book department was going to be stocking this fabulous new book, I begged Our Cats MD, Vince Hogan, to let me review it! What a superb tome David Key has produced. It is simply bursting with over 400 photographs and it contains a wealth of realistic and valuable information... Read more...

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