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A Book Review

By Chris Stalker



The Essential Guide to Creating your Perfect Cattery

by David Key

When I heard that Our Cats book department was going to be stocking this fabulous new book, I begged Our Cats MD, Vince Hogan, to let me review it!

What a superb tome David Key has produced. It is simply bursting with over 400 photographs and it contains a wealth of realistic and valuable information.


Whether you want to redesign or update your existing cattery, start from scratch or you are simply looking for inspiration as to how to enrich the lives of your indoor cats, then this book is for you!


There are 17 chapters to keep you glued to the pages. These range from ‘Cattery Raison d’etre’ – the reasons why cat housing is wanted to ‘Project Management’ – looking at planning, development and costs.


What I particularly like are the Case Studies. These feature real and existing establishments, alongside wonderful photographs.


The book contains a Foreword by Helen Ralston, Chief Executive of Cats Protection. Helen says she is “delighted to introduce a book which has, at its heart, the welfare of cats.”


The photographs of many of the catteries featured are accompanied by actual plans, so the reader can decide what will work best for their needs. This is then supported by a template for a Project Development Cost sheet – no surprises in store if you follow the breakdown of everything you will need to consider when working out a budget for a project.


The indoor cats are not overlooked in this comprehensive manual, there are great suggestions for indoor furniture and ideas for environmental stimulation via ramps, ledges, play stations etc.


Cat behaviour is related to practical solutions for keeping cats happy, entertained and stimulated by using the correct equipment to ensure they are not bored during their confinement.


Put this book on your “Wish List” now or decide to treat yourself to a fascinating and useful book to treasure forever! The photos alone make this a beautiful book and the text will fill you with inspiration.

Cattery Design – The Essential Guide to Creating your Perfect Cattery is priced at £39.95.
To order a copy of the book or for more information, please log onto or call +44 (0)1608 646454. To purchase online please click here