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Chapter 7 : Cattery Types & Unit Styles


Cattery Types & unit styles

Indoor catteries

Case Study UK:
Indoor-only Rescue Cattery

About: RSPCA Halifax

Replacing an outdated cattery, this new indoor rehoming cattery makes full use of the limited space on site and has substantially reduced the level of disease - providing a cat & people-friendly environment

Outdoor Catteries


Semi-outdoor catteries



Unit Styles

Walk-in, full-height




Case Study UK:
Penthouse Style Rescue

About: RSPCA Blackberry Farm

A rescue and rehoming centre with a fast rehoming rate thanks to plenty of visitors. quirky touches, a retail shop, and plenty to see and do helps keep cats and visitors happy

Holding Pens

Mother and Kitten unit

Multi-cat Housing

Single Versus group housing
by Dr Irene Rochlitz

Communal living
by Nadine Gourkow

What to provide in a communal


Problems with multi-cat housing


Case Study UK:
multi-cat cottage

About: Cats Protection Derby

The Cats Protection Rehoming Centre near Derby has, in addition to its normal rehoming cattery, constructed a multi-cat chalet style facility

socialisation/rehoming areas and homelike rooms

Exercise areas and Playrooms


Case Study UK:
Homelike socialisation room

About: Mayhew Animal Home

This unique animal welfare organisation does much more than rescue and rehome cats and dogs, (they recently took in 150 cats living in one apartment!) community and international help is also given

Indoor-only versus Outdoor Access
by Dr Irene Rochlitz


Using Indoor-only Enrichment Ideas in the Cattery

Compromise with Semi-outdoor Access

How to Keep Cats Safe - Outdoors

Case Study USA:
Keeping Cats Safe Outdoors

About: Purr.fect Fence USA & Canada and Purr.fect Fence UK

Create a cat-safe outdoor enclosure - whether a small area adjacent to the house, large areas, or the perimeter of your land. If you have woodland, erecting the fence just inside the tree line makes it virtually disappear!