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Chapter 6 : Legislation


Cattery License Regulations

USA, Canada, Rest of World, UK

my suggested cat unit sizes

united kingdom cattery legislation


united states of america cat kennel legislation

use of medical cages /carriers/condos


enriching single living
by nadine gourkow

The hide, perch and go box™



Case Study Canada:
the first trial

About: BCSPCA CatSense™ System



Case Study USA:
Condo? No can do!

About: Kitty Hill Resort for Cats

An architect designed her own cattery with cat welfare at the forefront of her mind, setting an example to others wishing to start up a successful, personal and caring boarding cattery business

the trend towards larger Cattery accommodation


Case Study UK:
large suite accommodation

About: Oakdale Cattery

A new, rural boarding cattery with large 12ft/4.5m suites, enjoying the success of being a small business with a very home-like feel, the cattery is in a beautiful location with lots of animal life for the cats to watch

statutory legislation


building regulations/control

construction, design and management

personal protective equipment

Health and safety

Accidents at work

disability discrimination

environmental protection

Gas and electricity at work

substances hazardous to health

asbestos at work

working at height

fire precautions, portable equipment, fire protection, fire detection/alarms, emergency lighting