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Chapter 8 : Project Management


Managing Building Projects and Contractors

Long-term Costs. New-Build versus Conversion

Choosing your Building Method

Further Deciding Factors

Common Route - Using a Main Building Contractor


Cattery Project Development Costs

Sample Project Development Cost Sheet

Individual Buildings - Cost Comparison

Project Flow

Other Issues to be Considered


Why Cattery Projects Go Wrong!


Summary for a Successful Project


Professional Cattery Project Management

by: Agora Management

Top professional project management company Agora Managment share their expertise with us


Specialist Knowledge for Projects

Design Development Programme
and Build Estimate

Case Study UK: A Big Project!

About: Cats Protection

This cattery is capable of housing up to 350 cats and kittens, built by cats protection to address the need to cope with the burgeoning cat population, and subsequent need to care and rehome more cats