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If you haven't heard of us at Cattery Design yet, let me introduce David Key to you...

David has been designing animal facilities professionally, working for some of the most well known animal rescues, boarding, working and quarantine organisations in the world.

David is also the best-selling author of the books:

  • [Cattery Design] and also
  • [Kennel Design]
    (you can find these books in every Amazon online store worldwide, every well-known internet bookshop, and on our websites)

David Key   Cattery Design book   Kennel Design book

David's books are used as college/university text books for kennel and cattery management and animal welfare courses.

Cattery Design book

World-renowned cat charity: [Cats Protection] wrote the Foreword and an article for our Cattery Design book, and in their press release said:

“As the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection is very pleased to be involved with a book that emphasises the importance of providing the best possible environment for cats”

Also the Cattery Design book includes case studies and helpful advice from our colleagues at the world-renowned [BCSPCA], [RSPCA], [FAB (Feline Advisory Bureau)], [Blue Cross], and [Wood Green Animal Shelters] and others as well as top boarding catteries and cat hotels - all our case studies are from the UK, America and Canada.

We included advice from leading feline welfare behaviour/veterinary experts to explain in plain English exactly what makes good cattery design, how to improve every cattery, and why these recommendations work (they are powerful and produce absolutely amazing results!).

Animal Welfare work (rescue charity)

David works for a national animal welfare rescue and rehoming charity called [The Blue Cross]for over 20 years, so you can easily guess his interest and motivation is based solely on improving animal welfare.

Animal shelters take the hardest wear and tear of all – and often deal with cats in need of the greatest care, from initial disorientation through to actual trauma. So - if David's advice on cattery design can help these cats who are most in need - you can EASILY imagine how they can help cats during a temporary stay in a boarding cattery.

The difference you can make to cats - with the right knowledge,
is E N O R M O U S ! ! !

The Kennel & Cattery Design consultancy

We also advise individual organisations in other ways including consultancy, advice, information, expert witness in court cases, advising architects, surveyors and builders --- plus of course our online service to hundreds of startups and existing boarding businesses

David has also had the privilege of assisting hundreds of animal lovers worldwide to become cattery owners themselves. Working for a big rescue for such a long time, you can just imagine the breadth of cattery facilities, suppliers, products, materials and level of care he has seen - from cruel to amazing.

I (Kay) look after our Members and customers, and design and publish the books and all our websites, including this one.


And to make sure as many people benefit from this special knowledge as possible
we pour all this hard-to-come-by and useful information into our websites and books
- with the aim that no-one 'has' to reinvent the wheel!

It is this knowledge David wants to share with you to improve cattery standards.

We use our knowledge and experience to help people create MUCH better facilities for our beautiful cat friends... to reduce their stress, have a much happier time in the cattery, or get adopted sooner.

What would you like to look at next?

We'll be here to help you!

Kay Key



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