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  1. What types of catteries will this kit help?
  2. Do I need any qualifications or courses to be a cattery owner?
  3. Is this information already in the Cattery Design book?
  4. Is there a hard copy?
  5. Can I get immediate access to the kit?
  6. What happens next (after I've purchased the kit)?
  7. Which countries does the kit support?
  8. How long can I access the kit for? How long will I need it for?
  9. What's your guarantee?
  10. Is there any more information on the top 10 questions?
  11. Your question not answered here? Ask us!

  1. What types of catteries will this kit help?
    The information will help ALL types of catteries: boarding, rescue, quarantine, veterinary, pet and breeders.

    Mostly though, our customers are caring people interested in boarding catteries in particular as they need to 'make a living' from caring for cats (thanks to the very high cost of property/ land today!)

    Many cat carers are interested in opening a rescue but it is just not financially possible as it's hugely expensive) so we provide a lot of help for potential/new boarding cattery owners. Once your boarding cattery is making an income though, you will be in a position to help the local rescue, or do it on a small scale yourself

  2. Do I need any qualifications or have to attend courses to be a cattery owner?
    This is one of the top 10 questions we get asked - which is why we've included it in the 'Starting a Cattery Kit'! There is a BASIC simple yes or no answer in terms of legislation and location, BUT there is a LOT more to consider in answering it - especially in the important terms of success of new catteries in today's climate.

    We want you to have all the facts to hand, and explain exactly what you do need to study. Perfect when you're trying to find out the answers to all these questions! You can go directly to the 10 questions below - just click here.

  3. Is all this information already available in the Cattery Design book?
    Only a very small part of it - the book and the kit do very different things.

    The Cattery Design book concentrates on cattery design, planning & building with special reference to how good design improves cat welfare and reduces stress. It's also packed full of large colour photos to give you masses of inspiration and ideas!

    The Starting a Cattery Kit concentrates on the start-up information for beginners, finding out if it's right for you, and how to survey a property/location. It really explores the whole idea of starting a cattery - giving an insight to people who know very little about starting or running a cattery, or not done it before.

    2 eBooks are unique (Cattery Property Audit & Is It Right for Me?) These are very detailed and have been written to provide much more 'hand-holding'. Neither are in the book. The 3rd eBook on buying a cattery is from the Cattery Design book.

  4. Is there a 'hard copy of the kit available by post?
    No, it is online to keep the costs down, give immediate access without postal costs!
    It also means that we can make any new additions immediately available, clickable links, movies etc. The eBooks are designed to be printed and filled in. The Kit pages can be printed.

    Part 1. The 10 questions are online in webpages. This is because it reduces the price for you (no print costs), there are no postage costs, gives immediate access - and we provide interesting and helpful weblinks and movies that you can just click on whilst doing your research.

    Part 2. The eBooks are downloadable, to be saved to your computer.
    The idea is that you can print off as many as you need - particularly the Property Audit which you would want to fill out a different copy for each property visited. As some people visit many properties, we'd much rather you had all the information immediately, the ability to print as few/many as you want, when you want.

    We like to pack our books and websites with photos, movies, links and enthusiasm to make it fun and interesting whilst you're learning!

  5. Can I get immediate access?
    Yes! You pay online, then click 'return to merchant' (us) to start your kit!

  6. What happens once I've paid?
    Once you've paid in PayPal, just click 'return to merchant' (us) to start your kit!
    (PayPal notify us and then we automatically send you an email too.)

    By the way, PayPal will send you a receipt - we suggest you save and print this - so you can claim it back from the taxman as a business expense!

  7. Which countries does your kit support?
    All - the information is suitable for every country.
    We have customers all over the world, most are in the UK, USA and Canada, but we also have customers in many other countries including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Norway, France, Cyprus, Spain and many others.

  8. How long can I access the kit for?
    The Kit is available to you online for 1 whole year, but you probably won't need it as long as that, as it will help you find out where to start in your first week!
    Your free eBooks are yours to keep.

  9. What's your guarantee? What if I want to return the kit?
    We offer a 90 day guarantee in which you can get a refund if for some reason you feel that the kit has not helped you discover if starting a cattery is right for you or how to get started. Just go to and click Contact button.

    We're completely confident that this kit will help you make the decision about whether starting a cattery is right for you, and how to get started --- because we have built it around all the startup questions we get asked!!!
    Your free eBooks are yours to keep, whatever you decide.

  10. Is there more information on the 10 questions?

    The Kit gives you answers to 10 burning start-up questions.

    We compiled all the questions we get asked about starting a cattery. We put it all together in an informal and helpful way - just as if we were having a phone conversation with you - and created this easy-to-use Kit:

    1. Where to find out if you need a LICENCE, and to comply with:
      Find out what license loopholes to look out for. Talk knowledgeably to customers about why 'the dreadful cattery down the road' is still licensed, and why your cattery is SO much better. Conform and exceed license standards so you don't mis-design, spend money unnecessarily, or build something you won't get a license to operate (yes it happens!). Learn what your competition doesn't want their customers (or yours) to know . How to get your licensing officer to recommend you as an example to new/other businesses, and as a number-one cattery to send customers your way

    2. Where to find out about LEGISLATION you MUST comply with and learn what applies to new businesses BEFORE building your cattery:
      (this is different to what existing businesses comply with)
      Be prepared before speaking to the licensing officer.
      Ensure you meet legislation for cattery sizes, number of cats,
      Explain how your cattery is much better than the legal standard

    3. Find out if you need QUALIFICATIONS (knowledge/ courses):
      What you 'must' know and what you 'should' know.
      Get knowledge that will set you apart from every other cattery

    4. Do you need PLANNING/ ZONING Permission:
      What to ask, and when - about permission to start a cattery

    5. How the change of LIFESTYLE will affect you:
      You will adore your 'job' as you love cats - but find out how to really enjoy what you do. What it's like to be working from home, with no travelling, more time with your pets and family

    6. Do you buy an EXISTING business or BUILD NEW?:
      Learn how this fundamental decision will absolutely define your ideal cattery business (and finances!) . Find out what the pro's and con's of both options are, so you can make the right decision for you, and avoid a very costly mistake. Learn what the deciding factors are in whether to choose existing or new build

    7. How to find a SUITABLE PROPERTY, or check if yours is suitable:
      What to look for, what to avoid. How much land you need . How you can turn normal market demands to your advantage

    8. What makes a GOOD CATCHMENT AREA/ LOCATION for a cattery?
      How to spot a good location. What to look for, and what to avoid. What can give you better bargaining/ negotiating power

    9. What are the MARKET STATISTICS & TRENDS and CUSTOMER DEMANDS & how do you prove the need for your new cattery?:
      Provide a service that customers actually want, rather than what you think they want, or copying what everyone else does - this will encourage cat ownenrs to take more holidays and will be repeat business for you! Find out about the new market that 98% of catteries miss out on!

    10. What makes a GOOD cattery?
      Learn what most catteries do wrong according to scientific studies so you can learn from their mistakes and why more catteries are being closed. If you know what to look for you can learn from their mistakes! Find out whether you are suited to this lifestyle & change of career at the right time - now - and before you getting into the costs, designs etc. Don't waste time - become confident!


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