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Chapter 1 : Today's Demands


Why quality cattery design is essential

the demand for quality and caring catteries


Case Study UK:
A Model Boarding Cattery

About: Harpenden Cat Hotel

A Renowned Business with national press coverage, sets an example to potential cattery owners, explains why running a quality, personal, dedicated service is extremely satisfying and the way forward

Property, land and building costs


Cattery only or kennels too?

income and deciding on the number of units

create flexible accommodation

a better income for the quality and caring commercial cattery


Case Study USA:
The Purrfect Small Business

About: Purradise Boutique Hotel

A business of just six units providing a personal, caring, successful service with bright colours and fun themes. the heartwarming and humourous guest photo album is a joy, and speaks volumes about the care given!

How catteries describe themselves


Substandard Catteries


State of the Art Catteries


Understanding the pet market