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Business Plan for Starting a Boarding Cattery

Quickly get together & try out your fees, approximate income, business viability, startup costs and catchment area laid out in a logical order.

"I have downloaded your business plan it is EXCELLENT, many thanks!!!"


Are you looking for:-

  • Reassurance: Is it feasible? is this the right career path for you, or wondering how working for yourself and the lifestyle and financial changes will affect you?

    The financial & lifestyle implications are considerable, and you would like reassurance that you have covered the financial side as best you can
  • Encouragement & confidence-building
  • Help with answering questions for your cattery Business Plan or thinking through your ideas
  • Built-in calculations that will work out your expected boarding cattery income levels based on boarding fees
  • Work out household & population figures and the automatic built-in calculations will calculate average cat numbers in your catchment area based on UK & USA household statistics (includes weblinks)

Kay will email your Cattery Business Plan to you personally (it is not automatically sent)...

Customer Comment:

"I just wanted to thank you for your EXCELLENT Business Plan.
You may be interested to know we also had a government grant for £2,000 for a local business to do our plan. Thankfully we didn't pay for that ourselves, there was no relevance to the cattery!

Your Business Plan is FAR better and I actually had to pass YOUR business plan to them to include the correct figures and statistics!
Thank you SO much, it has really given us the confidence to get going!"

Why do you need a Business Plan to start a cattery?

If you need to raise/borrow money to start the business on your own land, buy a property/land, get planning/zoning permission, buy an existing business, expand or take on more staff/equipment etc) -- you will need a business plan.

Financing a new business means needing to see your vision for the business...

... written down in a concise, detailed, well-thought out, sustainable & persuasive way.

It will help you to think about key issues that will affect your business & help you prepare for them.

It will help provide you with statistics to work out potential business averages for your area.

Even if you don't need a loan or funding - you should do this exercise for your own benefit to check the business viability and soundness.

Plus, it's a good checklist to see if there's anything you've forgotten about!

The Business Plan is in Microsoft Excel XLS format to automatically calculate your figures for you. You just type in a few figures to try in the highlighted boxes -- and 'try out' your income!

This business plan will save you lots of research, layout & collation time and get your financials fast-tracked.

This business plan will save you from having to sit down with a blank screen/sheet of paper...

... and wonder where on earth to start!!!

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Kay will email your Cattery Business Plan to you personally (it is not automatically sent).

Cattery Business Plan
is in
Microsoft Excel XLS
spreadsheet format...

... to automatically calculate your figures for you!
Cattery Business Plan

Would you know how to answer these questions?

  • Why does this area need another cattery?
    (Planning/Zoning may ask you this!)

  • How wealthy is your area? What is your catchment area? Is this a good area for a new cattery? Can you prove this?

  • How quickly will you be able to pay back any loans?

  • Is the cat population large enough in this area to sustain another pet business?

  • What fees are you going to charge? How does this compare with other catteries? What should you be charging for a high quality and caring new cattery?

What does the cattery business plan contain?

The Cattery Business Plan is laid out in several worksheets/pages or 'tabs'.

Any currency can be entered as the fields are currently set to number format (without currency symbols -- but you can change the field formats to £ $ € ¥ etc quickly yourself if you prefer, just follow the easy guide in the instructions tab).

The Cattery Business Plan will help you think through the areas for starting your cattery -- it even automatically calculates income and cost figures and provides statistical sources so you can find out more about pet market trends and become knowledgeable about the cattery needs and requirements for your area:


    • How to use/change/print the Excel XLS document


    • Page to lay out business details (name/ address/ logo/ bank/ accountant)


    • Links, statistics & source websites for UK, USA & Canada market trends
    • How to estimate the local cat population & local pet businesses in your catchment area (with built-in calculations) & Assessing the suitability of the area in terms of competitors & other pet businesses.
    • Essential items to include with your Business Plan and Planning/Zoning Permission to help you prove feasibility and need
    • How to prove the need for a boarding cattery in your chosen location
    • Statistics for UK, USA and Canada number of cats per household
    • Statistics & links for assessing worldwide changes in the market
    • Automatic estimation of number of cats in your area
    • Where to find more statistics
    • How to show the suitability of your site and how to improve it
    • How to show the business is sustainable & resaleable (for bank risk)


    • Table for assessing & suggested listing of items for startup costs (with built-in calculations)
    • Table for identifying your pricing options (with built-in calculations. These can be manually adjusted if you decide to offer discounts for longer occupancy or more pets staying together)
    • Automatic income calculation - Built-in average occupancy rate calculations for first 3 years of business


    • Built-in average forecast of income for first 3 years of business. Showing traditional industry standards, and the standards that can be achieved by following our guidelines in the Cattery Design book and Business Plan


    • Cashflow forecast with built-in average calculations. These can be manually adjusted as you define which months bills will come in & average bill payments & outgoings
    • Table to help you manage your cashflow (you can have a profitable business but still have cashflow problems when paying bills)


    • Separate Profit & Loss sheets so you can keep tabs on your monthly spend (with built-in calculations)

Your Cattery Business Plan will be emailed to you personally by Kay.
(it is not sent automatically).

Start planning for your cattery right now!

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3 things to take into consideration
when you are taking the next step towards your dream of creating a professional & profitable boarding cattery:

  • A professional business plan is essential for starting a cattery & to get finance

  • It is a legitimate business expense that you can claim back later

  • You can start forecasting your income, fees, catchment area, & feasibility!

The Cattery Business Plan will save you from having to sit down with a blank screen & wonder where on earth to start!!!