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Cat fencing, cat friendly fencing

There are several ways to offer cats the fresh air, open environment and freedom of the outside world whilst minimising and avoiding the dangers. These can range from very limited access to the house or an area of the garden, right up to the ultimate of cat safe fencing surrounding the perimeter of the garden whether a small yard or several acres. Benefits include:

  • Fresh air and sunlight, night-time play
  • Freedom to make choices about being in or out, to enjoy or to escape the weather - avoids frustration
  • More living space for cats, multi-cat households
  • Safety from road accidents & other animals, bullying cats, giving peace of mind to owners
  • Inexpensive security for catteries (include an outside exercise run for boarding, breeder or rescue)

Our Recommendation:
For cat owners of pedigree cats or those unfortunate enough to have lost a cat to the road (me included) - the cat fence is an effective and almost invisible solution to the problem of letting your cat out safely. The ultimate solution has to be free access (without fear) between house & garden by a cat safe and friendly fence. Some look industrial (eg galvanised steel/chainlink), some are enclosed at the top and others open to the sky, and some are virtually invisible (black mesh)


We Recommend: Purr...fect Fence

Keeping cats happy and safe... outdoors
Purr…fect Cat Fence is the first complete, free-standing, backyard fence enclosure for cats. Now any cat can safely enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors, without you worrying.
USA availability Canada availability and UK availability
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WE RECOMMEND: Purr...fect Fence: UK availability USA availability Canada availability

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    From small yards to acres. Virtually invisible in front of shrubs and trees. Purr…fect Fence cat enclosure is the affordable, proven-effective, and visually appealing alternative to conventional wooden, electric, or chain link cat fencing cat enclosure.

    It can easily be installed, and makes for a visually appealing cat enclosure that is all but invisible to the human eye from as close as 15 – 20 feet away in most settings.

affordable Cat Fence: USA availability

    Polypropylene netting that attaches to steel stanchions angled to prevent escape from your yard, patio or deck

C&D Pet Products: USA availability

Cat Fence In: USA availability Canada availability

    Ffits on any height wood, vinyl, masonry, wire or chain link fence. Cat tree guards and elizabethan collars for trees

Do-It-Yourself Cat Fence: USA availability

Just for Cats: USA availability