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Cat Grass & Catnip excerpt from the Cattery Design book
Cat Grass & Catnip excerpt
from the Cattery Design book
(PDF 314kb)

Do not use chemicals or fertilisers when growing cat grass or catnip

Cat Grass:
A 'daily essential' for any indoor cat, or cattery cat
Helps cats bring up furballs and adds roughage.
Buy in pots, ready to grow indoors or sow seeds and grow them yourself. Lasts between 2–3 weeks, so it is a good idea to buy a packet of seeds and keep continually sowing new pots.

Catnip/Catmint (Nepeta Cataria):

A 'treat' for cats
Catnip entices the cat to roll around on it and induces a ‘high’ in cats (but not all) and is a harmless, non-addictive perennial (grows back each year) herb from the mint family.

Buy from garden centres or sow direct from seed. Plant in the garden in full sun for a constant source of fresh catnip. Dry for use in toys, or purchase dried catnip.

cat Grass:

Catnip/Cat Mint/Nepeta Cataria:

Lemon Catnip/Cat Mint/ Nepeta Cataria ssp. Citrina

Quite unlike ordinary catmint, leaves give off a rich lemony fragrancy which pervades the garden with rich flowery perfume on still, warm summer evenings.