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Cattery Tip:
Go for the larger sizes if you are running a cattery. It makes it easier for large cats to use, and means there is less damage

cat flaps & Cat Doors deliver cat flaps worldwide and are one of the Internets most successful sites for information and purchasing of all the leading brands of cat flaps and pet doors. A comprehensive product range which is almost impossible to find in any high street store. carries the full range of products and accessories for Staywell, Catmate/Petmate and Catwalk cat flaps and dog doors.

Main considerations before ordering your cat door:

  • Your cat's size: ensure the door is the correct size
  • Features you require: e.g. 2 or 4 way locking/ slimline/ big cat, simple, magnetic, dog access etc)
  • Fixing type: Into what material the door will be fitted (glass/upvc/sliding/slimline/through wall etc)

Most cat and dog doors an be fitted in to walls and doors some in to glass (glass fitted pet doors will need to be installed by your local glazing company). Various options available for different kinds of doors/walls/tunnels to install the cat flaps into.

Staywell Cat Flaps:

  • Staywell 200 Range:
    Slim Line for Glass/Sliding doors
    The Staywell 200 range is a newly designed slim line range of pet doors, suitable for sliding doors, such as patio doors, and single pain glass
  • Staywell 300 Range:
    Deluxe 4 way locking cat flaps
    Manual 4 Way Lock - (in only, out only, open, locked)
    Weather resistant, self closing see through rigid magnetic flap. Perfect for double glazing, walls. wooden and UPVC doors
  • Staywell 400 Range:
    Deluxe Magnetic Cat Flaps:
    Advanced magnetically operated cat flap with a magnetic collar key. Perfect for double glazing, walls. wooden and UPVC doors.
  • Staywell 500 Range:
    Deluxe Infra-Red Cat Flaps
    Infra red cat flaps - with a unique coded key which only allows access to your cats, complete with a 4 way security locking system
  • Staywell 500 Range:
    Battery powered cat flap with a unique coded collar key access for your cat only
    Infra Red Cat Flap. Perfect for double glazing, walls. wooden and UPVC doors
  • Staywell 700 Range:
    Original Pet Doors for Cats & Dogs
    Pet doors for cats AND dogs
  • Staywell 900 Range:
    Classic Cat Flaps
    Original/Classic Cat Flap range and replacement doors
  • Staywell Accessories:
    Tunnel extensions for cat flaps and contact glue, spare keys

Cat Mate/ Pet Mate Cat Flaps:

  • Cat Mate Standard
    Lockable Cat Flaps - Open/close only
  • Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flaps
    4 Way Lock - (in only, out only, open, locked)
  • Cat Mate/Pet Mate Accessories & Spare Keys
    Replacements: doors and tunnel extensions, spare keys